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About Transpare

Transpare is a startup that improves the processes of international transportation of goods by  sea, air, road and rail trough digital technologies. The platform connects the Importers/Exporters and the Freight Forwarders. 

A Freight Forwarder is a company who organizes the shipment of your goods at an  international level : multimodal transportation, custom clearance, insurance... We provide to our users a range of tools designed and optimized for the Import/Export needs that allow them to request offers, compare them, and collaborate online on a unique  intuitive space. 

Thanks to Transpare, booking an international transportation to import or export things  becomes : 

Simpler: guided description of the need / one click booking directly online.

Faster: live offer of many freight-forwarders. 

Reliable : transparency on the the competencies of the providers and their service  quality. 

Efficient: saving time thanks to the tools and money thanks to the comparison.

Job description 

Software engineers at Transpare are building web applications in transport and logistics.  They build efficient interfaces, robust services and useful tools for transport companies all  over the world. 

The engineering team is composed of less than 6 engineers, located in France and Morocco.  They work together on a multitude of web projects. 

As a Frontend Engineer at Transpare, you will: 

  • Build and maintain pages across our app, such as dashboards or CRM tools
  • Develop with your peers, and collaborate with other engineers on complete features
  • Collaborate with the design team, by implementing new interfaces and experiences
  • Improve performance across the app, by producing high quality code
  • Maintain our high level of code quality, by refactoring and testing our components
  • Share your knowledge, through code reviews and mentoring
  • Build automated tests, to ensure a working application for our users

On the frontend side, we develop our app with React.JS and we use Styled-Component for  app styling. We use Relay to query data from our GraphQL serverless API. The entire app is  running on AWS services, such as Lambda, S3, CloudFront or RDS

To help us build the app, we use code styling tools, such as ESLint and Prettier. We  use Git for code versioning, CircleCI for CI/CD, Sentry for bug reporting and MJML for emails  templating. The complete stack is available on stackshare. 

What you could work on: 

At Transpare, you could work on several ambitious projects, here are a few:

  • Gamification : build a rewarding system to gamify users' actions and apply discount  on his subscriptions. 
  • Add CRM tools, to improve collaborations and management for users' teams.
  • Help users apply custom branding, so they can customize their pages. 

Preferred experience 

  • Experience: You have 2+ years of experience as a frontend engineer and are  comfortable with React.JS and HTML/CSS. 
  • Mastery: You understand how javascript works under the hood and can apply best  development practices. 
  • Best practices: You're up to date concerning frontend technologies, javascript  libraries and best programming practices. 
  • Team player: You have good communication skills and understand that your success  depends on how well you collaborate with your peers. 
  • Designer soul: You have an affinity with graphical aspects, allowing you to  understand and make design decisions. 
  • Willingness to surpass yourself: You are a curious and open-minded developer who  is eager to learn new technologies. You build side projects to experiment new  languages. 
  • Languages: You are fluent in French and you have solid skills in English.
  • Technologies: Any experience on the technologies of our stack is a plus.
  • Autonomy: You know how to find the solution to your technical problems and find  the right time to ask the team for help. 

Recruitment process 

  • A first video-call with our CTO: To understand your career plan and make sure that  your profile corresponds to our needs. 
  • A remote exercise: To evaluate your coding skills 
  • A second video-call with our CTO: to discuss your exercise and tell you more about  the way we operate. 
  • A face-to-face meeting with our CTO and our CEO: To create a strong alignment and  introduce you to your future team. 

We'll be available to answer to any of your questions through the whole process.

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